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 Zen Garden Massage is about Health and Wellness!

Taking time for you. Time to unwind , restore , and heal imbalances in the body that if left , could possibly lead to illness. We are committed to providing the highest quality massage services.

We take pride in paying attention to all the details for our guests. The Spa setting is private , serene and comfortable . The surroundings are charming with many personal touches.  We strive to help clients achieve maximum and positive results, carefully tailoring each session to meet the individual client's needs.

Upon ending your session , enjoy refreshing spring water.


What makes our massage center different from all others is our extreme passion about health and wellness, our personalized quality service as well as  our unique massage services .

Clients visit Zen Garden Massage for many reasons . Among them are:

Therapeutic Massage  | Stress Relief | Relaxing 


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